Why I Joined a Specialist Insurance Consultancy

CCi and I both have the same passion and share a common view that the landscape for insurance claims is changing, particularly for property risks which are becoming ever more complex and technical in nature. Insurers, Brokers, and their respective clients are continually seeking a value-added approach to the claims’ experience, meanwhile the total cost […]

DSU and Increased Cost of Working – A Stitch in Time…

From a Delay Analysis perspective, increased Cost of Work (ICoW) is a bit of an insurance policy outlier. Generally speaking, as a matter of indemnity we would be looking to reinstate the insured to the position they would have been in had the Damage not occurred, or ‘but for’ Damage. To achieve this objective requires […]

Is Remote Working the New Normal?

As we near the end of lockdown 2.0, I’m sure many of us are wondering what 2021 will bring in terms of the way we continue to work and go about our business. The phrase “welcome to the new ‘Normal’” has been bandied around for a while now. We must certainly hope that there is […]

Project Controls Fundamentals and Interrelationship with Insurance Claims

One of the best mentors I have been fortunate enough to work for once proclaimed “there is no difference in managing a schedule of work with 100 activities, 1,000 activities or 10,000 activities – everything will boil down to the basic fundamentals of good Project Controls and Planning practices”. Clearly this statement is debatable on […]

Substantiating a Claim

What is a Claim? The word ‘claim’ is often used to describe a party’s potential entitlement to additional costs or time but for which there is no express instruction or variation under the contract.  The term is also commonly used to address the potential reclaiming of lost time or costs for events which were contemplated […]

The development of CCi into a global consultancy offering

Many people will have witnessed the growth of CCi over the last 18 months or so, starting with the acquisition of CNS and then the recruitment of some exceptional talent as posted on LinkedIn and through our news feeds. This has been an exciting period where we have been able to put in place the […]

Business Interruption (BI) Claims

Hurricane Sally is the latest storm to make landfall in the US. It is inevitable that interruption to normal business practices will be caused by the need to repair hurricane related damage. As Insureds commence the restoration process necessary to return their businesses to operation, Insurers will need to ensure the correct expertise is applied […]

Insurance Claims are Changing – So Must We

It cannot be denied that Covid 19 has made the world re-evaluate what we all considered ‘normal’ only 6 months ago. Nowhere is that more true than in the world of business, or more specifically, how we get business done. Long before Covid had us all cocooned at home in splendid isolation, many Insurers had […]

Mitigation versus Acceleration

The world continues to adjust to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The only ‘normal’ we can expect from the ‘new normal’ is more change and uncertainty. Like the dunes of the desert, problems are always there but, the contours are ever-changing. Mark Foden and Andrew Corton of CCi – Capital Consulting International – Dubai […]